Department information about research education

There are more than 65 PhD students at the Department of Electrical Engineering. Each PhD student belongs to one of the many research divisions at the department. The PhD studies follows a study plan which has three parts: the general faculty study plan, the study plan for each research subject/specialization, and the individual study plan, see subjects and specialisation 

Open positions and admittance

All our open positions are announced on our webpage vacant employment. Candidates may also contact the responsible professor for the subject/specialization of interest (FUAP), see subjects and specialisation

After a candidate has been selected for a PhD position, the main supervisor is responsible to collect all required documents for admittance in collaboration with the director of postgraduate education (prof. Sandra Eriksson). Admission takes place on an ongoing basis, usually within two weeks after receipt of complete documents.

PhD Courses

All PhD students has to read courses as part of their education. The number of courses varies between different subjects/specializations. The following cources are mandatory or strongly recommended:

Note! An ethics course is mandatory for both licentiate and PhD degree!

  • Introduction course for new PhD students, 3 hp (strongly recommended)
  • Scientific writing, 2 hp (strongly recommended)
  • Academic Teacher Training course, 7.5 hp, (for PhD students who will teach)

Available courses: The section of technology has a page with information about PhD courses. See the PhD courses of the section of technology. PhD courses are also commonly advertised by email.


Enquires about the research education at the department can be directed to the director for postgraduate studies, prof. Sandra Eriksson.

Last modified: 2023-12-19