Introduction to Brain-inspired Computing (Autumn 2020)

The brain is powerful of cognitive tasks with a power consumption at only 20 Watt. As a contrast, today's AI based on von Neumann computers consumes megawatt in a similar task. Neuromorphic computing that emulates the working principles of the brain is thus emerging for the energy efficient cognitive computing. This course provides the basic knowledge about how the brain works.

Duration of the course: 4 weeks

Pace/tempo of the course: 20 to 25 hours a week

Starting date: 23, Nov 2020

Maximum of participants: 80

Responsible: Dr. Zhibin Zhang, Division of Solid-State Electronics, Department of Electrical Engineering, The Ångström Laboratory. 070 4250 820;

Syllabus in English

Application to the open web-based learning: Introduction to Brain-inspired Computing

Last modified: 2021-05-14