Reinforcement learning (Autumn 2020)

Reinforcement learning (RL) is a family of modern machine learning techniques which has obtained unprecedented successes in artificial intelligence benchmarks, see for instance Google’s AlphaGo’s successes against humans. Using RL techniques, computers can autonomously learn to make decisions using feed-back from real and/or simulated environments/data. This course will give a Master level introduction to these techniques.

Duration of the course: 6 weeks

Pace/tempo of the course: Equivalent to 20hr/week

Starting date:  Week 45

Maximum of participants: 50

Recommended Background: Programming experience in Python, basic knowledge in linear algebra and probability.


Ayca Ozcelikkale (Department of Electrical Engineering,  Course Responsible, Contact: )

Per Mattsson (Department of Information Technology)

André Teixeira (Department of Electrical Engineering)

Syllabus in English

Last modified: 2021-05-14