Group members

Zhibin Zhang. Portrait.

Dr. Zhi-Bin Zhang

Group leader, Researcher, and Docent, since 2011, FTE, specialized in nanomaterials, flexible devices, neuromorphic electronics, and neural dynamics

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Dr. Libo Chen

Researcher, FTE, since 2018, specialized in low-dimensional electronic devices and neuromorphic circuit design

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Dr. Mohammed Nazibul Hasan

Post doctor, FTE, since 2023, specialized in flexible sensors and thermoelectrics

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Jiaqi Xing

PhD student, FTE, since 2023, constructive neural networks and machine learning, main supervisor: Zhibin Zhang

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Seung Hee Jeong. Portrait.

Sanja Karilanova

PhD student, SoS & FTE, since 2021, data processing using spiking neural networks, main supervisor: Ayca Özcelikkale

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Key collaborators

  • Dr. Ayca Özcelikkale, Associate professor, SoS, Machine learning
  • Dr. Zhong Lin Wang, Professor, CAS China, triboelectric nanogenerators

Previous group members

  1. Ngan Pham, Dr., 2018.08-2019.07, Thermoelectric generators
  2. Subimal Majee, Dr. 2014.10-2016.09, Printing of graphene 
  3. Debashree Banerjee, Dr., 2015.09-2017.05, Thermoelectric generators
  4. Man Song, PhD student, graduated in 2019.04, Graphene inks and printed devices 
  5. Seungjee Jeong, PhD student, graduated in 2016.05, Flexible thermoelectric generators
  6. Jie Zhao, PhD student, graduated in 2019.06, Graphene inks and printed devices 
  7. Malkolm Hinnemo, PhD student, graduated in 2017.04, Graphene sensors
  8. Patrik Ahlberg, PhD student, graduated in 2016.05, Graphene synthesis, transfer and transistors

Previous visiting Researchers

  1. Ya Hu, Dr. 2018.01 to 2019.01, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China, Si nanowires and photoelectrochemical cells for water splitting
  2. Fengjuan Miao, Dr., 205-2026, Qiqihar University, China, Graphene inks 1.           
  3. Xutao Wu, Master student, Northwest University, Xi’an, China, Exfoliation of 2D materials
  4. Alba Maria Fernandez Sotillo, PhD student, 2019.01-2019.12, Center for Energetic, Environmental, and Technology Research, Madrid, Spain, Graphene for anti-corrosion electrodes.
Last modified: 2023-07-19