Fat-IBC at the local news


Dagens Nyheter published an article on UU´s Fat-based IntraBody Communication approach.  

Read the Dagens Nyheter´s article "Fet kommunikation kräver skydd mot hackare" on Fat-IBC. 

Fat-IBC stands for Fat-based IntraBody Communication, an approach investigated by the Microwaves in Medical Engineering Group at the Division of Solid-State Electronics. The research aims to unveil the potential of the fat tissue as a wireless communication medium to enhance body-centric communications connecting worn or implanted nodes.

Advances in Fat-IBC are mostly thanks to the efforts in the following projects:

These projects have received fund from the following agencies: Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, Vinnova (The Agency for Innovation Systems) and the European Commision. 

Read more about the projects at MMG´s page on projects. 


Last modified: 2023-11-20