Researchers at the Division of Solid-State Electronics involved in multimillion SEK project on wireless body area networks


The future, where we humans could control prosthetic parts of our bodies with our thoughts, is getting each time closer. In that direction, progress is now being made as part of an EU project in which researchers from the Division of Solid-State Electronics are making it possible for the brain to communicate with smarter prostheses via wireless networks inside the body. A new paradigm of wireless communication inside the body and an artificial skin with improved tactile capacity are among the foreseen groundbreaking developments. The coordinator of this EU project entitled B-CRATOS is Robin Augustine from the Division of Solid-State Electronics.

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Wireless Brain-Connect inteRfAce TO machineS: B-CRATOS

New paradigm in wireless communication inside the body and other research from Robin Augustine´s group.

Artificial skin with improved tactile capacity: For information on this development contact Zhibin Zhang or read more his group page. 


Last modified: 2023-11-20