Charging infrastructure for electric aviation

How will the future electrified airplanes in Sweden be charged? Is there enough electricity at the airports today for electric aviation? These questions interest us in the project Resource-efficient energy system solutions for airports with high share of electric aviation. Within this project, we aim to investigate how the electrified airplanes of the future can be charged in a sustainable way at our airports and what the future electricity need may be there. Both national and international projects on charging of electric aircrafts will be analyzed. We are investigating the possibilities of charging planes with renewably generated electricity and the possibilities for energy storage with batteries at the airports. Electric vehicles other than electric planes may also need to be charged at the airports. In summary, the goal is to create a holistic perspective on the energy systems at the future airports. We take a closer look at electrification of the airports in Visby and Skellefteå, Sweden.

Project title: Resource-efficient energy system solutions for airports with high share of electric aviation

The project is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and is a collaboration between Uppsala University, RISE, Swedavia och Skellefteå Airport.

For questions regarding the project, contact Karin Thomas.

Last modified: 2021-09-02