All-Electric Propulsion Systems

Electric propulsion systems

At the division of electricity, we have conducted research in electric propulsion systems for a long time. Our research has a special focus on grid integration and charging infrastructure, but we also devote ourselves to system studies of entire drivelines and more specific research on, for example, material selection in electrical machines. We have collaborations with several different companies and are involved in projects focused on electrification for different types of transportation. We are also involved in a collaborative project on electric airplanes: ELISE - Electric Aviation in Sweden.

Swedish Electromobility CentRE

The division of Electricity is a part of the Swedish Electromobility Centre (SEC) and has several research projects and researchers active in the centre. The SEC is a national competence centre for electromobility and gathers expertise from both academia, industry and society. In particular, the department is active in Theme 5, Interaction between vehicles and electricity networks and one of the theme leaders for the theme comes from the department.

Read more about the centre and its various activities on the website:

If you want to know more about the SEC and its activities or if you have proposals for projects, you are welcome to contact Valeria Castellucci at

One of the ongoing projects within SEC, Theme 5, including research at the Division of Electricity, is called "Data exchange between vehicle and power system for optimal charging" and concerns questions about what data/information that may be needed for different charging strategies of different types of electric vehicles, now and in the future. The project is expected to contribute with knowledge in, for example, future charging strategies, V2G and charging of autonomous electric vehicles. For questions about the project, please contact Jennifer Leijon on .

Last modified: 2023-03-17