Electric energy storage

Elektrisk energilagring. Illustration.

The Kinetic Energy Storage System (KESS) has been found a promising solution for facilitating the introduction of electric vehicles and/or integration of intermittent sources of electric energy in the grid. Our research takes advantage of recent development in the fields of magnetic bearings, electric machine design and composite material. Main research topics include:

  • Magnetic bearings:  Complex systems, relying on high-speed control and power electronics, showing great potential for decreasing losses in high-speed rotating systems.
  • Electric machine design: The topology and function has large impact on the main properties of the KESS. 
  • Electric driveline: Using kinetic energy storage systems in combination with traditional battery storage opens up new and exciting ways of optimizing  the electric propulsion system
  • Carbon- and/or glass-fiber composites: These material have the potential to greatly increase specific energy of the KESS, thanks to high tensile strength and low density.

The group do both theoretical and experimental work. Several prototypes have been constructed over recent years showing the benefits of:

  • Different topologies of electric machines, including PMSM and axial flux reluctance machines.
  • Reduction of losses from magnetic bearings.
  • A complete novel electric driveline
  • Rotors constructed from mixed glass- and carbon fiber composite material.

For more information on electric energy storage, please contact Hans Bernhoff via e-mail hans.bernhoff@angstrom.uu.se.

Last modified: 2021-05-25