Inside a hydropower generator. Photo.

To handle a deregulated electricity market with a large penetration of renewable energy sources, old hydropower generators must be thouroghly characterized and improved. We also study the interaction of the generator with the adjacent grid and what transients and other main disturbances which can propagate into the generator and cause adverse effects. Using modern power electronics and magnetic actuators, investigate how the electrical and magnetic properties of the generator can be controlled.

One of the main goals of the research is to use computer based models to draw conclusions about operation properties, which can be used as a basis for future decisions on the operation and investment. Through our involvement in the Swedish hydropower center (SVC), we get the opportunity to verify our FEM models with measurements on real units.

For more information about our research on hydropower, please contact Urban Lundin via e-mail Urban.Lundin@angstrom.uu.se.

Last modified: 2021-05-25