Power system analysis

The role of the inverter in the electrical system

In the project, we want to investigate the role of the inverter in the electricity system and how the stability of the system is affected when more and more production is controlled with power electronics. Various converters and their functions are studied in detail and the aim is to also study microgrids. This is a doctoral project funded by SweGRIDS with Vattenfall as its industrial partner.

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Need for energy storage in the future distribution system to ensure stable operation and good power quality.

Increasing urbanization and increased electricity use means that the need for electricity in some places can be expected to be large and expansions of the electricity grid can sometimes not take place at the pace that would be desirable. An alternative to a power system expansion could be the installation of a local energy storage. In this project, we aim to study the need for energy storage in the distribution network and what functions that energy storage can fulfill. The study also includes studying various flexibility solutions.

Last modified: 2021-05-25