Environmental impact

Crab. Photo.All energy conversion, also from renewable energy sources, affects the environment in some way. The wave power plants may impact the local ecosystem, and the local environment may also affect the power plants with, for example, biofouling.

It is important to study the environmental impact at an early stage of the project and adjust eventuall negative impact on the ecosystem. In the Lysekil project, the environmental impact of the wave power park has been studied continuously since the start of the project. This has been done, for instance, by studying the artificial reef effect of 30 buoys attached to fundaments on the sea bed, and by studying the sound impact and changed sedimentation and water movements.

For more information on the environmental impacts of wave power, please contact Jan Sundberg via e-mail jan.sundberg@angstrom.uu.se.

Last modified: 2021-04-05