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At the department, we carry out a broad research with the overall goal of solving technical problems related to health and energy issues to enable a sustainable and better future. The activities include from basic studies at the atomic level up to high system level applications. Special areas of strength are micro and nanotechnology, materials science and energy systems. Here are the popular science presentations of some research areas.

The sustainable energy supply of the future

Wave. Photo.One of the greatest challenges for the humanity is meeting the increasing energy needs of today and the future, without negative climate impact and depletion of the earth's natural resources. The Department therefore conducted extensive research on renewable energy generation. How we, through new technology, best utilize the renewable energy in the water, from the sun and the wind.
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Smart technology for better health

Microsensor. Photo.The rapid development of micro and nanotechnology has meant many applications that make life easier for us; who does not have a "smart-phone" today, which we can hardly be without? But the technology can also be used in other areas such as health. At the department, research is conducted on several health-related projects where the technology is used to improve or create entirely new applications.

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Last modified: 2023-04-26