Publications in Electrical Engineering

Here we have collected all our publications in our main scientific areas in electrical engineering. Search for them by navigating this site or by going to the publication database DiVA.

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Publications per subject area

Since the founding of the department in 2020 we have contributed with more than 400 publications. Below you will find our most recent publications in our three main subject areas: ElectricitySolid-State ElectronicsSignals and Systems and Networked Embedded Systems. The link "More publications" takes you to the dedicated page where you will find all our contributions to journals and conferences, doctoral, licentiate and undergraduate theses, and other editorial works for the specific scientific area. 

Doctoral theses

A number of doctoral students from our various subject areas work at the department. Since 2020 many of them have successfully defended their theses. Below you find their theses divided by subject area.

Last 100 publications

Last modified: 2023-07-19