About the Division of Solid State Electronics

The objectives of the Division of Solid State Electronics are to develop technical solutions from individual devices to small systems. We strive for innovations related to electronic sensors, biomechatronics, neuroprosthetics and medical systems for continuous and real-time health monitoring. We also explore materials- and component-solutions for the next-generation computing technology, energy efficient electronics, as well as energy conversion and electricity generation to operate small self-supporting sensor systems.

We are located on floor 3 in House 6 at the Ångström laboratory.

Staff at Siegbahnsalen 15 December 2021

Contact information

Solid-State Electronics

Ekonom: Maria Brandt

Visiting address: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, 75237 UPPSALA
Postal address: Box 65, 751 03 UPPSALA


Last modified: 2023-02-06