Our research

Everywhere in our existence, there is electronics, from controlling spacecraft to monitoring cell functions. The development in semiconductor electronics has been astonishingly fast, and yet we are only at the beginning. The predominant silicon technology has now come so far that it, too, is starting to reach its physical limits. We have, therefore, been exploring new frontiers with unconventional ideas and intelligent solutions in order to revolutionise electronics and make it our life companion in all aspects.

At the Solid-State Electronics Division, we are part of this incredibly exciting development. Our objective is to develop technical solutions from individual devices to small systems. We strive for innovations related to electronics for Life Science, Healthcare Technology and Next-Generation Computing. We also explore materials and component solutions towards a new computing paradigm wherein quantum and neuromorphic electronics play a crucial role.

Our research is basic, strategic and long-term. Read more about it in our Popular Science description.

Research Areas

These are our three main research focus areas and their associated research groups: 

They mainly include synthesis of novel electronic materials, device fabrication and advanced characterisation, and small systems as proof-of-concept demonstration.

Our main research focus areas are highlighted in our logo, here next:

Logo of the Division of Solid-State Electronics where the three main research focus areas are highlighted: Life Science, Healthcare Technology and Next-Generation Computing.

Research Platforms

Our research platforms are divided into three mayor categories: System Demonstration, Chip Making and Characterisation.

Platforms for System Demonstration 

  • Electronic, Ionic & Optoelectronic Sensor Technology
  • Biomechatronics & Neuroprosthetics
  • Clinical Technology 
  • Neuromorphic & Quantum Electronics

Platforms for Chip Making

  • Vacuum-Based Materials Synthesis
  • Solution-Processed Exotic Materials
  • Silicon Nanofabrication

Platforms for Characterisation

  • Electrical & Noise
  • Optical
  • Microwave-Millimetre Wave-THz

Research groups

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