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We have several openings for master thesis. The topics include:

  1. Multiplexed electrokinetic sensor for surface protein profiling of EVs
  2. Single vesicle protein profiling
  3. Electrokinetic chip and fluidic integration
  4. Microfluidic mixer for electrokinetic sensor
  5. AFM and Electron microscopy for size-based EV profiling   

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Master thesis proposal at Hitachi Energy (November 2022)

A power transformer which is much bigger than a car next to it.

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Master Thesis: Zeta potential method for power transformer liquids


The EU aims to be climate-neutral by 2050, this can only be fulfilled with an economy with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Integration of renewable power generation, integration of electrical vehicles and an efficient power grid as backbone will play a major role to reach this goal.  A key component of the electrical infrastructure are power transformers with an insulation the must withstand very high electric stresses. The crucial part of the transformer insulation is the interface between the solid and liquid insulation. Surface charge properties have a significant influence on the electric stress distribution of the insulation [1]. In general, a key parameter describing surface charges is the measurement of the zeta potential, this however, has not been pursued in the past for this kind of products. The new environmentally friendly liquids require  a more thoughtful characterization and the aim of this master thesis to investigate the potential of the zeta potential [2] measurement for characterization of power transformer liquid insulation.

Work description:

In the first part of the master thesis a test cell will be designed, manufactured by the workshop according to the students drawing. At the Hitachi Energy Research (HER)  Laboratory in Västerås the experiment will be set-up. In the second part measurements for a combination of different solids and liquids will be carried out. The third part is dedicated to data analysis and writing of the report.


  • Interest in
    • measurement technique and experimental skills
    • data analysis
    • discussion of results
  • solid background in physics

Additional information:

This MSc thesis work will be done at Hitachi Energy Research in Västerås. The company provides accommodation  for the full period of the master thesis. A remuneration from HER will be paid at completion of the work.

If you are interested and want more information, please contact Joachim Schiessling          Tel: 0730 250503 email:

[1] J. Schiessling et al., “Evolution of the electric field due to forced flow in oil pressboard ducts”, Proceedings of 2011 IEEE International Conference on Dielectric Liquids

[2] H. Xie et al., “Zeta Potential of Ion-Conductive Membranes by Streaming Current Measurements”, Langmuir 2011, 27, 4721–4727

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