Technologies and instruments

Electronics and fluidics

We develop electronics and fluidics-based sensor technologies for bio-detection and molecular analysis by exploiting hydrodynamic and electrostatic signature of molecules at the solid-liquid interface. The sensor chips containing micro-and nanoscale electronic and fluidics components are fabricated on silicon wafer in the cleanroom facilities available at the Ångstöm Lab.

Optics and optoelectronics

Our optical platform offers high-resolution optical analysis of biomolecules at single particle level. The technology is used for multiparametric analysis of biological vesicles for diagnostics as well as for investigations of fundamental biological questions. The group also has strong interest in optical characterization of nanoscale materials and devices.

Optics and optoelectronics. Illustrations.

Nanofabrication and characterization

Periodic nanostructure arrays visualized with electro and scanning probe microscopy.

A wide variety of nano- and microscale material fabrication and characterization facilities are available. 

Theory and simulations

Theoretical modelling are performed to understand the electrostatic and hydrodynamic interaction of biological particles at the solid-liquid interface, allowing us to design better sensor.  

Interaction between parameters in a sensor and biological particles. Illustration.
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