Thin Films of Advanced Electronic Materials (FTE-TF)

Pictures on vacuum synthesis and characteristics of think films.

Thin film technology is among the strongest technological drivers in our society. Thin film materials are found in industries from electronics and communication to biotechnology.

Our research deals with synthesis of thin films. We are exploring ways to synthesize new materials or materials with improved performance, and looking for methods to integrate various thin films into complex systems.

We use plasma technology to control the material growth from individual atoms. Our strategy is to combine understanding of plasma and growth process with expertise in deposition technology. We focus on the plasma based synthesis and collaborate with others on exciting new materials and their applications.

Currently, we focus on the physics of surface processes in pulsed reactive plasmas, hysteresis in reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering, and the growth of materials in ionized physical vapour deposition. Exaples of the challenges are:

  • Low temperature growth of high performance materials, on temperature sensitive substrates
  • Increasing the deposition rate and stoichiometry control in reactive sputtering
  • Sputter deposition of 2D sulfides

More information about our ongoing research: Our projects 

Meet our members.

Tomas Kubart

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Electrical Engineering, Solid-State Electronics

+4618-471 7257
Last modified: 2021-12-16